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Introducing our new website - why site updates are crucial

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Introducing our new website - why site updates are crucial

As you may have noticed, we have updated our website. We’ve made some pretty major changes to how it looks and how it operates, which show exactly who we are as a brand and as a team, while we have totally reshaped the content to make it easier than ever to see exactly what we offer, and who can benefit from our services.


Who we are as a brand

We feel that this has allowed us to progress as a brand and to move with the times, and there is a lesson to be learned here for anyone operating an online business – don’t fear change! You don’t need to totally revamp it like we have just done, but regularly updating your website ensures you can stay on the cutting edge, taking account of the latest trends to respond to the ever-changing demands and expectations of your audience.

Design and trends

Keeping on top of current tastes will keep your website looking modern, dynamic and attractive, exactly what you need to keep your users coming back for more.

But beauty is more than skin deep; technology is always advancing, and there is always something new which you can use to improve and modernise your website. Don’t miss out on new features and functions simply because you skipped the update! Generally speaking, updates will improve efficiency, with our team working hard to keep the core files light and fast.

Speed and mobile

Fast websites are, of course, much more convenient and enjoyable to use, but keeping your site fast will also help to improve your search rank. You can get all of these benefits simply by updating your core files to reduce your site size and load time, so take advantage of the opportunity whenever it becomes available.

And as the internet becomes ever more accessible on more and more platforms, it’s important that your website retains a responsive and user-friendly design across all platforms, browsers and screen sizes – keeping on top of your updates will ensure that you are best-placed for universal compatibility.

Website security

Last but by no means least is security. Every update works towards constantly refining your website’s security, to ensure you have the best possible defences at all times. Not updating your website’s security is like sending out a signal to hackers that your site is vulnerable and is an easy target; regardless of how happy you are with your site overall, the need to maintain high levels of security is an important reason to update.

Remember, your website is your presence online; it’s what people see, deal with and remember. You wouldn’t set up your shop with goods priced in shillings, and you wouldn’t ride to work on a penny farthing, so don’t leave your website in the past either – you won’t regret regular updates.

Whether you are a startup, a new small business or an established one, we are sure to have a web design and marketing solution that is adequate for your needs, and our team and dedicated project manager will spare no effort in pursuing your business objectives.

We invite you to check out some of our recent happy clients, please visit our portfolio for an idea of what we can achieve.
Thomas Zareba

Founder, Owner and Project Manager

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