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Ecommerce - why it is the future of your business

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Having an online presence has to be one of the most important ways to connect with your customers in the 21st century. It is not just about having a website which directs people towards your physical shop, it is also about having a way for your customers to buy from you directly, without even needing to leave their home. This one simple concept is what Ecommerce is all about and it really can be the future of your business.

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What does Ecommerce mean?

Commerce is simply the exchange of goods or services for money. You can call it retail, shopping, buying, purchasing or anything you like, but commerce is a more technical way of describing it. Ecommerce therefore, is these activities carried out online via a website designed exactly for that purpose.

You can set up a separate Ecommerce site or have it as a part of your current website. When a customer sees a product they want to buy, they just click on it, look at the specifications and price and add it to their cart. They can then purchase the item by giving you their payment details and paying for delivery. You then send the item to the customer within the agreed time.

Do I really need an Ecommerce site?

For almost all businesses, the answer has to be yes. Whether you sell a physical product or a set of services, the ability for your customers to purchase from you via the Internet is one which is expected and very simple to achieve. It is an ideal platform for anyone in the retail sphere, but it is also perfect for service-led businesses. Your customers can purchase your service, commit to a time, offer their details and give you feedback all via one website.

What will an Ecommerce site offer me?

Each business will need an Ecommerce site which is designed around their business needs. However, there are so many options available that you are bound to find a system which works for you. Most Ecommerce sites will offer simple shopping carts, easy management of stock, multiple setups for stock descriptions, photos, secure checkouts using various payment methods and automatic email notifications for you and your customer.

If you wish, you also have the option to include sales reports, printouts, invoice printing, different currencies and tax rates, gift vouchers and discounts, plus a range of social media integrations. In fact, almost anything you currently offer your customers in-store, can be recreated and managed at your website hub.

I am just starting – should I wait?

Absolutely not. In fact for start-up businesses, Ecommerce sites are the gateway towards a customer base you could only dream of. With very few overheads and setup costs, you can be selling your goods to a worldwide audience within just a few days. A physical shop will never be able to achieve those turnaround times or the level of immediate customer access an Ecommerce site will.

How do I let my customers know?

If you are an established business, your customers will simply search for you via a search engine like Google. The job of your web design company is to ensure that any searches for your business name are directed towards your Ecommerce site. If your business is yet to be established, you can still be easily found whenever a customer searches for the goods or services you sell. Each customer will be able to make an immediate choice to buy from you and you will start getting sales from the beginning.

Ecommerce is without a doubt the future of your business and is not a platform which should be left out of your portfolio. Your business needs Ecommerce to stay competitive. All business owners want to grow and this is one of the best ways to reach the audience you know is out there.

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